Happiness is an evasive Orgasm

Searching for happiness is like chasing an evasive orgasm.

You can be having quite a nice time but you’re not quite there yet, but the more you chase it round the bed, trying to recreate the last moment where you almost had it, the more fleeting it becomes and the further away it gets.

You have to relax, stop overthinking, and enjoy the little things, instead of focussing on the end goal, The Big O(mg, life is so good right now).

You have to pay attention to the smaller sensations, a laugh is a caress of the thigh, a sunny day is the squeeze of a breast, a productive days work is a passionate kiss, and soon the familiar tingles of contentment become waves of joy and you are riding the work/ life balance and full of gratitude, and the most beautiful person alive, and things are so fucking positive, (yes, yes, yes, more of this please!), everything is fucking great and life is awesome and I am the best I have ever been!

And the after shudder and ripples of satisfaction are like the memories of all the good days, that you can call upon again, when times are less exciting, like thoughts reserved for the wank bank.

Self care and self kindness are the all important after snuggles.

And that’s how you become a happy, smug wanker.

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