Unbroken Heart

He did not break you heart child, no!

Your trust perhaps was withered as his words swept away your dreams,

Your spirit may be dampened while you trudge through the landslide of emotions and waves of insecurity,

Your body a little croaky through the tears and wails and chest heaving sobs and sighs,

And your mind may now be frazzled with it’s ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’ as it replays all your favourite memories of him to a soundtrack of lamentation.

But your heart was doing just as it was meant to!

Loving and opening and recognising the heartbeat of another, sending its sweet vibrations out, its ventricles like tantric tentacles, in the hope to meet and mirror one that mimics that tickling drum beat of your tribe.

Your heart acted perfectly by design, fuelled only by feeling, blindly grappling for its partner in rhyme- not reason.

It did its time, limbs outstretched beyond the confines of the rib cage, pulsing, pounding, dancing with its new found friend; sending blush to your cheeks in time with coy giggles, and blood rush to your nethers as you untethered your clothes to do that crazy sexy desire thing.

It ushered you to do and say crazy things to please and appease and invited you to release your fears and throw caution to the winds of hope, in it’s appetite for Love with a capital L!

For that is the very nature of the heart! To give and take and recreate that sweetest currency.

Now it has become hungry and in need of replenishment..  For it reached too far but did not find the nourishment of reciprocated love. Despite your lover’s softness and delicious edge they could not unleash their love so freely, perhaps for fears, that stopped them mid flow, that their own heart does not yet fully admit.

Their broken bits and yours got lost in a tangle, the pieces too jaggy and raw to sit comfortably side by side, but at least you tried.

Your heart has been on a quest and taken the rest along for a ride, but it is not broken No! For it knows just what it needs, and what it is really for, it’s purpose knows no bounds, and so… all it is doing is re-charging and aching for fuel while the rest of you takes stock, catches its breath, takes the reins once more.

The time for self reflection is upon you now; a chapter of self love and care, of letting go, and forgiveness; of both their limitations and of your own uncontrollable desire to find acceptance and divinity in another.

In the dark confines of your chest, between the infinite, buzzing energy of the universe and the gore of human flesh and stardust bones your heart lies now, gently licking it’s wounds. But still it relentlessly beats, stuck on repeat, loving right to it’s very core. The heart is never broken, it is just left wanting more.


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