Hidden Strength

Because I am sensitive and sometimes too quick to respond to my emotions, it is easy for you to see me as fragile and forget that I am a strong person.

You don’t see that every day I am fighting, sometimes with myself or the past, or trauma, but I am getting up and doing and surviving.

You don’t acknowledge that I am growing, in wisdom, and understanding others more through my willingness to face my struggles.

You ignore that I am transforming, by seeking truth through self knowledge and retrospection.

You’re unaware that I am forgiving those who have hurt me, left me, let me down, used me; that I am forgiving myself and extending my love and kindness to people who may not always deserve it or try to earn it.

You don’t always witness me steadying myself before and after and during the emotional storms that I weather.

You forget that I am always balancing myself against the push and pull of my moods and energy levels, and sometimes that means becoming firm ground where there is none to be found.

You dismiss that I am nurturing myself by saying ‘no’ or taking rest or being gentle with myself that day.

You must remember that I am healing, simply by addressing all my wounds in the first place.

You miss that I am creating, with my words and art and channeling my emotions into something good, something positive.

You should know that I am constantly challenging myself and the world around me, by defying the hand that life has given me.

You don’t realise that I am loving you so fiercely, because no matter how low or distant I feel, I see only the best in you and I appreciate everything that you bring to my life that little bit more.

You forget that I am staying kind hearted and open minded despite it all, and to do so in a world that can be so cold and cruel, is courage itself.

You only see the tiredness and sadness in my eyes because you don’t know I’ve been up all night fighting demons to keep them from the landscape of ‘Us’. You don’t know that I am carrying this for both of us, to protect you from them, so they don’t become your burden too. Every day I am fighting, and if they ever come for you, you’ll know just how strong I can be.


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