I didn’t see you coming,

In this uncertain chapter of my life,

But now each page falls open at your face.


When I read between the lines,

And reach between my thighs,

It is your name my lips whisper.


It is too soon to feel this real,

I am afraid that I am too much or not enough for you,

And I don’t want to make you my everything,

And lose myself in another false promise.


But I know that there is something stirring between us,

And it is a wild untamable thing,

Like the heart inside my ribcage,

It has started out on a different beat.


I am not used to this kindness,

And you challenge me in so many ways,

You make me laugh for days,

And I feel safe locked in your embrace.


Last night you looked deep into my eyes,

And asked sincerely ‘Who are you?’

And with a kiss I swallowed the word my soul screamed,

with every ounce of my being..


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