Psychiatrist Roulette

Bracing myself for a round of Psychiatric Department roulette tomorrow, get your bingo cards oot!
1 Designated psychiatrist isnt there/see psychiatrist I’ve never seen before.
2 They spring medical student on me just as I am going into appointment.
3 Ignores my mood chart (that they requested I do).
4 Frantically scrolls through notes when I mention previous appointment.
5 You don’t look emotionally unstable/manic/depressed.
6 You don’t quite fit the descriptors for (insert BP/BPD/PTSD/ADHD/GAD of your choosing).
7 Have you tried using WRAP? (Wellness and Recovery Action Planning).
8 Asks ‘what do you think it is?’ (then stares blankly at me, especially when I quote DSM- The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)
9 Tells me I’m very insightful about everything.
10 Refuses to diagnose me.
11 Have you tried this medication? (yes, yes I have, horrible, terrible side effects, never again).
12 Would you like to try this medication again? (No effing way thanks).
13 Suggests I come back in a few months.
14 I go home frustrated/crying/ranting.
Repeat every 3-6 months.

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