Ode to a (wireless) mouse

I carry ye aboot the hoose

Ma wee purple, wireless moose.


I’m sorry if it’s awfy sore,

When ye tumble tae the floor.


You never seem tae tak the huff

If ye land among the dust.


I stroke ye like yer ma wee pet,

You help me surf aboot the net,


I love to tak ye fir a scroll,

Whether shopping, or looking for lols.


Ye often fall right aff the bed,

When I’m browsing on the interwebz.


I curse at ye, ye tak ma scorn,

And dinnae judge me fir the porn.


When ye stop responding it’s a sad day,

But ah just change yer double A’s.


Yer predecessor gave me RSI,

But yer better than those other mice,


Fir wan you’re no hunted by the cat,

And yer ergonomics arenae crap.


Yer my constant companion, my partner in crime,

The’ gether we cruise aboot online,


You hold ma hand when I am doon,

And help me play my favourite tunes.


I’d love ee even if ye were wired,

Cos ye help fulfil all ma desires.


Ye follow all of my demands,

And put up wi my right click commands.


Yer sleek and bonny and yer no a dick,

Together we just seem tae click.


I hope you dinnae hink I’m loose,

But I hink I love ye ma wee wireless moose.

4 thoughts on “Ode to a (wireless) mouse”

  1. I love it, we love it even the dog loves it, the mice in the house gave it a high five but the guest from Dubai didn’t know what it was about… yet he chuckled because we laughed out loud… good brown guest.


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