Beginning of the End

So it happened.
The split.
Two sick people fighting their own demons,
Turned from circling back to back,
To face each other and realised;
Their battle for love was lost.

There is a gap between them where the love used to flow ,
A ton of burden where a weightless cradle of support used to be,
Where passion and fire and saliva once mixed,
To melt their cold shoulders,
And bond them like glue.

The broken pieces of each other,
Used to magnetise and rewind,
Click-clack back into their sockets,
Their dissonance fit into their pockets.

Now they just bark at each other,
And tut when promises fall and shatter,
Unheard by the deaf ears that appear
When the other one expresses their needs… their ‘why me’s?’

Two damaged people who would’ve died for the other,
Now killing each other, to preserve themselves,
Their closest ally becomes their biggest threat,
Like conjoined twins fighting for survival of the fittest.

There’s a chill in the air in the morning of their separation,
The empty ‘I love you’s’ singing in the void,
Amidst the total devastation of recovery winning,
The last choke of co-dependency echoes in the ether.

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