The Passing of SADness


The dark days outside rolled into one and there I was,
trapped in the corner of my own dark place.
A hard shell grew around me of my own making,
a cold blizzard of bitterness within,
shielding me from the reach of the well meaning,
through my mind’s oppressive ceiling.

In this eternal winter I mourned my losses,
My defeated heart and troubled mind conspiring,
Creating a toxic sedative which I fed on greedily,
A recipe for extinction.
‘Let there be light!’ My last declaration of fight,
echoed mockingly, reverberating in the hollow of my emptiness.

In delusions of grandeur, a hateful troglodyte in a dark cave,
soon becomes a delicate princess, locked in a lonely tower.
Romanticised darkness makes for addictive fuel,
but it does not warm the bones when lit.
For no light, nor white knight came for me,
I slept a million years in just one season.

As the days become longer my safe cover of darkness becomes a lighter shade of black,
The sun tears through the skies, parting the thick thighs of cloud,
penetrating my shroud, A shimmering bud appears, glinting,
Soon the extravagance of nature’s wealth is paraded all around,
Like a don released from prison at dawn,
Has sprinkled diamond dust for dew and life is all anew.

The wind turned breeze becomes softer, more cleansing than cutting,
The seeds that made it through sprout and spout,
their ramblings of big ideas and aspirations across the garden,
New life springs up around me like a dazzling sail at full mast,
a polished brass orchestra at full blast reached triumphant climax,
The Blue Bird sings!

My shell cracks: I laugh,
My skin feels vulnerable, too long seeped in fear and tremble,
But my thoughts are strengthened, my faith is trebled,
I feel a part of the world around me, once more a cog, a piece of jigsaw,
I breathe in thanks where once there was no air but thick despair and disrepair

I am stretching, uncurling, like fresh sprigs unfurling,
I am searching, lurching, reaching for the light.
In time I am blossomed, fruitful, reborn,
Growing more curious by the day and braver, my own saviour,
At last, and with the sun, I begin to shine.

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