Wearing my shadows

I am learning to own my darkest shadows,
perhaps I shall wear Them like a cape.
I can hide in Them and bide in Them,
until the sun within me rises,
and I can breathe again,
without choking on Their thick, velvety, folds.

Sometimes They are warm, familiar and comforting like liquorice,
Others They are cold and isolating,
and the wind whips through me to push all of the clouds away,
But The Shadows they linger,
so entwined are They,
in my branches.

Today I shall wear My Own Shadow,
That vision of my other self.
The who I was, the who I thought I would be, the distorted view of self,
and I will itch, as it doesn’t fit so easily.
But at the heart of Me, where The Shadow reaches solid flesh and blood and bone,
That is where My True Self resides,
My Strength, My Will to survive, My Light.

I am learning to wear My Shadows, but The Light, it is firmly stitched in.

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